Kantor Pusat Tamiya

Berdiri 8 May 1946
Dimulai 24 March 1984
Pimpinan Chairman and Representative Director Shunsaku Tamiya
Nilai Perusahaan 50 juta yen
Karyawan 345 orang (January 2021)
Kantor Pusat 3-7 Ondabara, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 422-8610

Tamiya Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO Shunsaku Tamiya

Lahir 19 December 1934
Lulus dari Universitas Hukum Waseda 

“Work of Tamiya model”, “Legendary plastic model shop (orang pertama yang membuat Model Tamiya)” (Bunshun Bunko)

Enjoy a fulfilling hobby life with abundant fun

Tamiya terus memimpin hobi model dunia dengan kualitas luar biasa dan perkembangan teknologi yang agresif.
Kegiatan itu ditunjang dengan terus bertanya tentang asyiknya menjadikan sebagai hobi.
Di era mendatang ketika kekayaan hati menjadi semakin penting, kami akan terus mengejar kemungkinan model untuk menyediakan waktu hobi yang memuaskan bagi semua penggemar model.


May 1946 Established Tamiya Shoji Joint Stock Company in Oshika, Shizuoka City for the purpose of processing and selling general building materials.
April 1948 Focusing on the promising future of wooden models, a new woodworking department was established. It also has a business of manufacturing and selling model teaching materials.
June 1953 Eliminates the manufacturing and sales department of general building materials. Started as a manufacturer specializing in wooden models.
May 1960 Released 1/800 Battleship Yamato as the first all-plastic model assembly kit.
January 1962 Released the first 1/35 Panther Tank, a motorized plastic model tank.
December 1962 Established Tamiya Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. by making the plastic molding department independent.
January 1967 Published the first model information magazine Tamiya News.
January 1968 Exhibited for the first time at the world’s largest toy trade fair, the Nuremberg International Toy Fair in Germany (currently Spiel Waren Messe). 1/12 By exhibiting the Honda F-1, the precision scale plastic model will be highly evaluated as Tamiya.
August 1969 Changed the trade name of Tamiya Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. to Tamiya Model Co., Ltd. Improve the mold department and molding department.
August 1973 The head office building and set factory of Tamiya Shoji Co., Ltd. was completed at 628 Oshika, Shizuoka City, with a total of 4500 m² and 4 stories of reinforced concrete.
November 1976 The founder’s chairman, the late Yoshio Tamiya, is praised by the Order of the Sacred Treasure.
November 1976 1/12 Electric radio control car Porsche 934 Turbo released.
May 1977 Shunsaku Tamiya is appointed as President and Representative Director of Tamiya Model Co., Ltd.
November 1977 A three-story, 5,460 m² distribution center will be completed on the premises of Tamiya Shoji.
October 1978 The Tamiya circuit is completed in the area adjacent to Tamiya Shoji.
October 1978 Established Tamiya Plastics Co., Ltd. with the expansion of the plastic molding department.
May 1980 The first Tamiya Modeler’s Gallery, an exhibition sponsored by Tamiya, will be held at the Tokyu Hands Shibuya store in Tokyo.
December 1980 Tamiya Model New Office Building (Headquarters Main Building) was completed at 3-7 Ondabara, Shizuoka City, with a total of 7,000 m² and 6 floors.
July 1982 The mini 4WD, which later became a big hit series, started with the Ford Ranger 4×4 as the first work.
March 1984 Established Tamiya Corporation with the expansion of Tamiya Shoji (funded) business. Shunsaku Tamiya is appointed as President and Representative Director.
Tamiya Co., Ltd. will inherit all of Tamiya Shoji’s business up to that point.
November 1985 Tamiya Plastics Co., Ltd. Ikeda Factory started operation.
November 1988 Tamiya Group Founder / Chairman, Yoshio Tamiya, Eternal Sleep. (83 years old)
April 1989 Headquarters No. 2 Building (East Building) was completed on the premises of Tamiya Headquarters Co., Ltd. with a total of 8,500 m², with 1 basement floor and 8 floors above ground.
May 1989   Established Tamiya America in Los Angeles as a local office to expand sales in the United States.
September 1989   Established Tamiya Europe GMBH in Neuss, Germany as a sales base ahead of EC integration.
April 1990 The Tamiya No. 2 Distribution Center was completed at 915 Oshika, Shizuoka City, with a total of 5,317 m² and 4 floors.
July 1990   Tamiya Hall opens at the Tank Museum in Bovington, England.
December 1990 Businesses such as planning and development of Tamiya Model Co., Ltd. were integrated into Tamiya Co., Ltd.
July 1992 The headquarters building of Tamiya America is completed in Orange County, Aliso Viejo, California.
December 1993 Established Tamiya Hong Kong.
September 1994 Established Tamiya Philippines in the Philippines Cebu Mactan Island Special Export Processing Zone.
June 1995 Following the wishes of the late Yoshio Tamiya, the Tamiya Scholarship Foundation was established.
December 1995 Achieved cumulative production of 100 million units in the Mini 4WD series.
May 1996 The Tamiya R & D Center Kakegawa, a research and development facility, and the Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit, which is one of the largest in the world with a site area of ​​approximately 7,000 m² and a total course length of 320 m, will open in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
December 1996 Tamiya Europe GMBH moved to Fürth, Germany.
April 1997 A scholarship system was launched for students enrolled at both the University of San Carlos and the University of the Philippines in the Philippines.
November 2000 The 1st Tamiya Fair was held at Twin Messe Shizuoka South Building.
March 2005 Received the 1st Design Excellent Company Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
June 2006 Opened Tamiya Tokyo office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
June 2007 Tamiya America moves from Aliso Viejo, California to Irvine, California.
June 2008 Masayuki Tamiya, Managing Director, is appointed as President and Representative Director of Tamiya Corporation. President Shunsaku Tamiya becomes Chairman of the Board.
2008   September The official shop “Tamiya Plamodel Factory Shimbashi” opens in Shinbashi, Tokyo.
Moved Tamiya Tokyo office to the same location.
2008 October Constructed an off-road course for RC cars and a full-scale rock crawling field in the Tamiya Kakegawa circuit.
April 2012 Tamiya Scholarship Foundation changed from a foundation to a public interest incorporated foundation.
April 2015 “1/1 Mini 4WD actual vehicle project” started. First public release of “1/1 Mini 4WD Aero Avante” in October.
June 2016 Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit has been reopened as an all-weather circuit.
2016   June In response to the Kumamoto earthquake, “Do your best! Kumamoto Mini 4WD (Kumamon version)” is on sale. All profits are donated to Kumamoto Prefecture.
February 2017 The 68th Spiel Waren Messe, the world’s largest toy fair, will be held in Germany. Tamiya is the 50th anniversary of the exhibition.
May 2017   President and CEO, Masayuki Tamiya, died. (59 years old)
August 2017   Shunsaku Tamiya, Chairman and Representative Director of Tamiya Corporation, also serves as President.