Hobi yang memuaskan dengan kesenangan yang melimpah

Mini 4 WD

These small racers feature a shaft driven 4WD chassis powered by two AA batteries. A wide range of body and chassis types offer you the best suited machine for high-speed or technical racing. Tune-up parts are also available separately for better performance, precise settings and extra fun! No cement is required for assembly.

Radio Control Model

Tamiya’s extensive lineup of radio-controlled (R/C) vehicles provide a fulfilling building experience.

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Kategori mainan hobi dari Tamiya

1/32 Mini 4 WD

A shaft driven 4WD chassis powered by 2xAA batteries

Radio Control

Tamiya’s extensive line-up of R/C vehicles provide a fullfiling build

Plastic model

Possess such intricate detail that they are described as “museum items”.


Tamiya’s Educational Construction Series focuses on the assembly of fascinating devices that move under their own power